ebony court


in terms of homage, appearing ten years post-violin, descendent from the Latin co: togther & hortus: garden, plot see YARD, see Medici’s yard for allegorical framing, its hard so hard so very very dense, un-penetrable, thus useful to the point of ravage, the ébénistes’ wood now extinct but darling the cabinets, original tomb signs ever-fast Pharaoh-ic directions for gods to withstand torrents of underworld, so promised Egyptians, and the tag-tale follows, via Greek, via Latin, via English, dark kings on a grid of war, while fingers tap soundlessly on the fiddle’s board fitted for wet spots of contact, born of hot humid origin, note the chin flattering its shiny rest, even gunmen choose to hold it here, & in Boston, not mansions but “just” space, picnic grounds for night patrols, a thousand court you, though they court in vain, the pope’s cloaked voice echoes the cohort, though the light wooers win with law on their side, Shakespeare said it: it glows “like a riotous inn,” not long before the whole forest falls.



brazilwood bow


a thing curved, an arch-ed way and action v. to bend from pau and brasa (stick and ember) ALSO weapon before 1200, Old I. boginn as in a thing bent but compounded as elnboga : elbow; as renboga : rainbow crook in the sky, originally titled “pulse family” now used for dye, say sunrise at 700 Old High G. Old I. bogi Portigy bounty a long log monopoly till future ban on Elizabeth’s oh red oh velvet oh ALSO prow as in ship or Swetebow Low G. Middle D. all meaning b. ship: crown-granted & yellow-blossom-blood-splotched star of Tree of Music, and certain uses, springing up in that part of the world, see low shoulder of an animal.

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