OROGENY|Description of this before it’s bound as an origin or a theological orogen of the political imaginary that founds the state as a geological survey of an insurgency lost in an overlay of creek beds and oak savannas to the north before a victorious subsidence crashing over and against a messianic flashing of our charged past now flaring at the last two seconds of arc north toward the struggle.






PROGRESS OF OBJECTS|Location was created and it is controversial for forty-eight percent must by ice be of a present axis along the life-work formation or be equivalent to brush units belonging to maybe the past for it is dry and brown and by the lower half of the here-and-now which itself is tantamount to an angel in the dawning of a twenty-four-hour geological day between the oldest till of names in these name-less places where the coldest still of glacial till units stand in for a progress which is a present not present in the dead brown ethic elaborated in the dead material things in which we live.







SCALAR|Leap year’s long first turn links to anger and burns that nature of the most noteworthy in a season’s dry design and to its color the same scalar or pinkish blot not vacant of grief. Plot of nascent ice-floe archipelagos at swim maps blue waters’ foam at nape of glacial lake’s rock-pile quay up to a bluff whose exposures are of the distribution of wealth in the present. It has a thin silt this wealth and is not formally of the moraine in the present which is now and finally their Michigan. Sublated by the lake in the ages it considered an accident divides attendant time. It has a homogenous formation yellow in its withered sour-grass and pebbled among bones though as others or as a bluff it is not clearly associated with long-fingered hands vegetal and a-toil but lends jittery attention to wealth’s distant strata of authority. But a resurrected humanity does not exist. From which an apparently historical cognition forces our progression: Longue durée less one long night and a lost day’s lived attendance.







NEW CALENDAR|Swift fish swarmed in swell-capped lake ice well a stuttering wished flow not merely in the glacial lakes north of Chicago nor does something like that gelid nowhere flown from somewhere go toward a berthing from where it turned out of history in equivalent marches chiming like a ferry bell afforded bland estuaries’ standed lees as the now-to-hand beech stands strand around a beach-gathered clearing and wintering mark a five-minute quadrangle in the new calendar as late-winter thaw’s vitiate heaves pry free keels sand-shoaled in reticent dozens under the corrupt capitals of maritime skies as where we are lost to the circumstances of the lake coast’s late haven and glacial members whether by a similar navigation from a black-ice-fingered deck-shed that’s loss-rated or a dissimilar divagation of strata in bands overrun and dry-mottled that’s this formal picture forming during the brief but not yet formally here-and-now across the lake from Michigan.







END MORAINE|In the continuum of empathy of the revolution with its contemporaries of its most noteworthy of characteristics are the eventualities which we harbor of an earlier struggle one equally single and of all.

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