About the genres. Tragedy

Gives you what “you” want and makes “you”

Feel bad for wanting it, purging

Your wish “for” blood

In “the” act of satisfying

“Your wish.” “You feel"


Threatened because this is “your” “blood”

“Your” death, “and” “you feel” safe “because”

“Death” isn’t like a Kitkat bar.

“Because” humor

Lacks weight, “the” comic spirit must

Be “the” last thing


That belongs to “you.” By “the” shores

“Of” “this” world, “the” dead lay down their

Possessions “to” escape from an


Situation they created.

“Their” best features


Wealth, beauty, fame, intelligence

“And” other good things, “they” have “to”

Relinquish. “Because” “the” sense “of”

“Humor” will not

Sink “the” boat, “it” “is the” only

“Thing” “they” can keep.

Lyric. “A” place “that” has always

Suggested “a” special meaning.

“The” “meaning” “is” “escape from an


Situation.” Epic heroes

Cook “their” own meals.






Frankie and Albert



Frankie tried to eat Albert. When he slipped out of her grasp, she 

performed the act “of” eating in reverse, using “the” same organs, starting at “the” diaphragm and ending “in” “the” mouth.

That was “the” first experience “of” laughter. A symbolic response “to” “the” escape “of” potential food (Canetti).


“A” competing account states “that” “Albert” only thought “Frankie” “was” going “to eat” him. “When” “she” didn’t, “when he” felt “her grasp” encompass his abdomen, “he” “was” “the” one who “performed the act of eating in reverse.”

That’s why tickling “is” “the” “only” way “of” touching people “that” makes us laugh.


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